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In the Spotlight November 2023: Svgs Kumar G.

Name: Svgs Kumar G 

Title: Character Supervisor

Department: Environment Art

Length of career in the industry: 13 years

With Technicolor Games: 8 years

First Game worked on: FIFA

Learning is a never-ending process at Technicolor Games.


Coming from a village background, it was never my intention to go into the creative industry. In fact, I happened to choose an animation course by accident in 2008 with zero knowledge on what exactly it was. Once I started my training however, I knew that I never wanted to do anything else. I enjoyed the learning within the course and in particular, the skills involved in crafting characters and environments. During this time, my mentor asked me to fully concentrate on modelling as he saw my skills were best matched for it. 

For me, my work is more than just a job or a position to earn bread and butter, this is a true passion.

How did your career begin?

Following on from the animation course, my career started in 2009 in a small studio. From here, I spent the next five years within the TV industry, moving between different companies which helped me become strong both creatively and technically. Even today, I still use these skills and firmly believe that these were my roots for growing in the creative industry.

What is your most memorable moment/project working at Technicolor Games? 

Every project has taught me something new but if I had to specify one, it would be Need For Speed: Payback. This was the first project that I visited a client’s location, explored a new pipeline, gained an understanding of the client’s project insight, communicated with the client and stretched myself towards a leadership role. All of this was alongside the incredible chance to work on a selection of high-quality characters.

What is it like working at Technicolor Games?

The diversity of projects here means you are always introduced to new tools and pipelines. I’ve been with Technicolor Games for eight years now and still feel very new with how much there is to learn.

What are you excited about for the future?

I am excited for all the new projects, challenges and learnings that are yet to come.  

Here is a selection of Svgs Kumar G’s work:

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