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Behind the game

Our most important assets are our people.

Those who join our ranks at Technicolor Games become part of something greater than just a workplace. They become valued members of an elite team, and we both recognize and promote that. Retention is high as we offer careers, not just jobs.

We are fuelled by our passion for the craft and the never-ending quest to continuously make things better for our clients, players and above all else, each other.

Our Creativity Needs Diversity

We are an equal opportunities employer and are committed to building and maintaining an inclusive company culture. Technicolor Games will always respect, embrace and encourage the uniqueness of individuals and their talents because we fundamentally believe our creativity needs diversity. We are our most creative when we work together across diverse backgrounds, cultures, geographies and human experiences. We know the diverse perspectives of our staff is what makes us so creative.

Our Equal Opportunities policy aims to address the entire employment life cycle, from talent acquisition to rewards and ongoing development. We have an active DE&I team across the organization which includes members of our Executive team who oversee matters relating to gender equality, race, identity, and ability. This includes the development of policies, training and community outreach initiatives, alongside an ethos that aims to help individuals be their best by making adjustments and supporting them where necessary while offering a flexible working environment where possible.

Our DE&I Mission

To always respect, embrace and encourage the uniqueness of individuals and their talents.

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Website Accessibility:

We adhere to the following parameters on our website to ensure the design is as accessible as possible:

Marketing Ethics

As a company, we will not knowingly work on projects which contain statements, suggestions or images offensive to general public decency and will give appropriate consideration to the impact of the projects we work on, specifically on minority sections of the population.

Supply Chain & Modern Slavery Ethics

Technicolor operates straightforward supply chains. This makes the risk of modern slavery or human trafficking low. Nevertheless, we understand the importance of combating slavery and human trafficking and our duty to take steps to tackle the issue.

We have all relevant provisions in our supplier contracts to ensure slavery and human trafficking does not exist in our supply chains or in any part of our business. We also regularly review and update our policies and procedures.

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