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In the Spotlight February 2023: Vikrant Singh.

Name: Vikrant Singh

Title: Animation

Department: Animation

In the industry: 5.5 years

With Technicolor Games: 10 months

First Game worked on: WWE 2K

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” by Earl Nightingale 

My Animation career began in 2017 which was a dream come true as it was always my focus during my school days. Initially, I was working on casino games and gained lots of experience working for several studios. I’ve seen Animation styles vary from cartoon to semirealistic and to realistic.

It has been the opportunity to work with Technicolor Games early last year that has given me the opportunity to enjoy so much more of what I have always wanted to do.  

How did your career begin? 

After I left school, I chose animation over engineering (against the wish of my parents). It all began with my graduation (B.Sc.) in Animation from Zee Institute of Creative Arts, I then began my first job as an intern for six months.

What is your most memorable moment working at Technicolor Games? 

NBA 2K22 was the first game I worked on here, everything I learned and experienced during this project makes my very first experience memorable for me. Although it can be a challenge to adapt to new and quick changes the guidance I received throughout the project was always to the highest degree. 

What is it like working at Technicolor Games? 

For me, Technicolor Games is a hub of greatness, great mentors, a great work environment and obviously some great and groundbreaking projects. I feel super lucky to be part of this organization. 

What are you excited about for the future? 

I have worked at several companies before Technicolor Games, on various projects and all with different animation styles, this has helped me learn and accumulate good knowledge in my skillset. I’m always excited about the amazing projects lined up for us here which have new challenges and learn a lot from them. 

What advice could you give to someone wanting to join the industry? 

Animation is not for everybody! But, if you love art, movies, games, and cartoons – and you like to create emotion bringing your characters to life, then this is where you belong!

Always learn from your mistakes and observe everything. Animation is all about observation; If you can observe, you can create!   

“Working at Technicolor Games is rewarding and challenging – I’m able to use and polish my skill set to an optimum level”  Vikrant

Vikrant is hard working and dedicated, he is an example to everyone on our team! He always strives to make his work as great as can be and he keeps improving himself to make it even greater. It always feels special to have someone like Vikrant in the team. We will continue to help and support him grow, as we watch him continue to shine brighter!” 

Madhu Babu Venigalla, Animation Supervisor. 

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