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Art Director, Vichar BN talks ZBrush 2023.

I was keen to take part in the ZBrush beta test for 2023 last year, I’m always very grateful for the ways in which I am able to become involved in the development and trials of next-generation tools and processes. Being a part of this industry for so many years now, I see it as my duty to keep ahead of the curve and impart my knowledge and experience with my teams as and when possible.

I must say, that from the trial it’s clear for me to see it ZBrush 2023 is ready to revolutionize the space. In the time I have used ZBrush 2023, the most significant feature is the in-built rendering with Redshift, it truly brings world-class rendering to ZBrush making it a one-stop shop for digital sculpting.

I was able to work seamlessly with millions of poly and very heavy meshes all being rendered almost immediately. I can see in real-time, the reaction with different shaders, and renders all with different materials. This makes the workflow considerably straightforward, and I believe it will have a significant and positive impact on the future of digital sculpting.

I would like to thank the Pixologic team for enabling me to get a first-hand experience of the incredibly creative and user friendly software and to express my gratitude to have a breakdown of my clay modelling in their software announcement, of which you can view below.

I am sharing a few images here of what I was able to accomplish with ZBrush 2023. I have experimented with multiple materials, such as terracotta, clay, plaster, wood and bronze to give this digital sculpt the look and feel of a traditional sculpt.

Vichar BN, Art Director – Technicolor Games

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