Asset Creation & Lighting VFX.

Asset Creation & Lighting VFX

Our asset group is an industry-leading powerhouse of passionate and skilled environment, Hard Surface, Organic, and Character Artists. We remain resolutely pipeline agnostic, seamlessly dropping into our partner’s pipelines and toolsets. At any time, we could be working in Unreal, Unity, and several propriety engines, taking assets through the pipe from concept to level completion.

Our skilled and substance trained surfacing artists create next-generation physically based rendering assets for top industry clients. Our team includes many highly talented sculptors, producing characters, and creatures, as well as working on blend-shapes and photo-real heads. Over the years Technicolor Games has developed deep expertise in the fields of scanning and photogrammetry enhancing the immersive experience of some of the best games in the world.

Our Lighters are experts with Unreal and Unity, working with our client’s most complex proprietary engines. Our VFX team cover all aspects of real-time FX, from pyrotechnics to simulations, destructibles and procedural environment modelling, mastering the most complex real-time Houdini challenges.

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