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Technicolor Games Unleashes the Storm in Atlas Fallen.

Technicolor Games was delighted to collaborate with Deck 13 and Focus Entertainment in bringing the new action game, Atlas Fallen, to life. Set against a backdrop of stunning environments, the game combines compelling storytelling with dynamic gameplay and a legendary cast of characters and creatures.

For this project, Technicolor Games provided extensive support in key areas of game development to create the engaging open-world RPG action that seamlessly blends platforming gameplay and epic monster battles.

The team’s involvement spanned a wide range of creative and technical responsibilities, such as Conceptualization, Character Design and Customization, including apparel and heads, Prop Creation, Rigging, Animation, as well as Asset Creation for creatures and NPC characters.

They were also tasked with creating an expansive range of Environmental Art, which encompassed everything from landscapes and backgrounds, to architecture and vegetation.

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