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Technicolor Games Talks Inclusive Recruitment.

January 31, 2023

Diversity and inclusion are vital to creating a healthy, inspiring, stimulating and successful working environment.

We are an equal opportunities employer and are committed to building and maintaining an inclusive company culture. Technicolor Games will always respect, embrace and encourage the uniqueness of individuals and their talents because we fundamentally believe our creativity needs diversity. We are our most creative when we work together across diverse backgrounds, cultures, geographies and human experiences. We know the diverse perspectives of our staff across Technicolor Creative studios is what makes us so creative.

Our Equal Opportunities policy aims to address the entire employment life cycle, from talent acquisition to rewards and ongoing development. We have an active DE&I team across the organization which includes members of our Executive team who oversee matters relating to gender equality, race, identity, and ability. This includes the development of policies, training and community outreach initiatives, alongside an ethos that aims to help individuals be their best by making adjustments and supporting them where necessary while offering a flexible working environment where possible.

Actively taking steps.

We encourage diversity at the very starting point of our recruitment process at Technicolor Games – this is crucial to leading the way in inclusive recruitment. We take steps to ensure our recruitment process avoids bias and is fair and accessible. 

We believe a great employer invests time ensuring their business is more inclusive and this is something we are working towards at Technicolor Games – talent does not have a uniform, and this is key!  

Diversity in recruitment is a priority from the top down, and we have been educating the hiring team on our DE&I policies; how to lead more diverse recruitment as well as looking at ways to increase engagement with underrepresented groups across our channels and recruitment platforms.  

What specific methods are we implementing in recruitment? 

Gender-neutral language in job descriptions, ads, and interviews 

We try to ensure applicants are comfortable, at ease and undeterred by the recruitment processes from the very start; our job ads play a key role, they could often be the first time an applicant reads more than a couple of lines about our business.  

Sharing pronouns 

We hope that by stating our pronouns after our name and job title when meeting a candidate can help to alleviate any concerns an applicant may have during the interview, giving the interviewee the opportunity to share a pronoun of their preference is standard practice. 

Interview themes & questions 

Our interview questions and topics are relevant and professional.

Reaching a diverse audience 

Our jobs are posted on a wide range of job boards across multiple focus locations ensuring that our postings can be seen by diverse applicants from the outset.  

Building a diverse database 

Adapting search strings targeting underrepresented groups is a very simple step that helps us identify diverse candidates working in the games industry as well as utilizing our CRM to highlight underrepresented candidates. 

What does the Technicolor Creative Studios DE&I mission mean? 

Our mission is formulated from our intent and who we are, as outlined here: 

Our Intent: 

  • Be an inclusive workplace for everyone by removing barriers that hinder people from being themselves. 
  • Build and maintain a community where all staff feel safe, included and accepted for who they are. 
  • Attract, nurture, and retain the best talent in the industry irrespective of their background. 

We Are: 

  • Committed to genuine change in our business and wider industry. 
  • Investing in our people: time, budget, training and ongoing development. 
  • Facilitating open discussion & debate 

Our mission stands for what we believe empowers our employees to ‘Bring Your Real Self’ to Technicolor. We believe that every individual should be proud of their real self, no matter what they define it as – This drives our business forward and truly reflects what DE&I should be in the workplace. Somewhere everyone should feel they belong, feel safe, respected, valued, and accepted independent of sexual orientation, background, gender, colour, religion… everyone is entitled to have equal access to opportunities and success. 

If you are interested in working at Technicolor Games we’d love to hear from you – please check out our current vacancies. 

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