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Technicolor Games Introduces New Biz Dev Team.

January 30, 2023

Our Business Development Team continues to grow with us with the appointments of Vik Long & Justin Phass joining Technicolor Games as Business Development Directors, based in North America.

John Hegarty, Vice President of Business Development at Technicolor Games commented, “I’m thrilled to add the great wealth of experience and talent of Justin and Vik to the Technicolor Games Family.”

Introducing Vik Long, Business Development Director Technicolor Games, North America

Vik has well over two decades of experience working in the games industry with many of the top publishers and studios. An avid gamer himself, Vik has contributed to numerous titles across multiple platforms including PC, consoles, and mobile.

Vik said “I am delighted to join the phenomenal team at Technicolor Games, and the Technicolor Creative Studios family, which has such an amazing portfolio of accomplishments. I look forward to doing my part to help make exciting things happen.”

Vik’s love of video games started with playing Pong on the Coleco Telstar, and with programming games on the Commodore PET using ASCII graphics. His passion blossomed when he was among the first to play multi-player DOOM on the internet by using IHHD. Ever since then, Vik is most happy working with talented developers to create and share compelling gaming experiences.

Introducing Justin Phass, Business Development Director Technicolor Games, North America

Justin has been in the games industry for over a decade working in a number of roles in production before joining business development. Justin has worked with numerous game companies from small startup indie developers to AAA studios.

Justin is incredibly passionate about the industry and has always enjoyed being part of a title’s journey from pre-production through the development cycle and finally to post-launch support.

Justin commented “I’m really excited to be at Technicolor Games. It’s really amazing to see all the great work coming out of our studios. We have so many talented people here and it’s a blessing to see them come together to create amazing work for our clients. The level of passion and dedication from our creative teams provides a fun and entertaining working environment.”

Technicolor Games part of Technicolor Creative Studio brands, MPC, The Mill and Mikros Animation, develop top-tier visual graphics in addition to multiple other creative services to video games publishers and developers. Technicolor Games offer an unparalleled service to the games industry at scale, backed by the innovative legacy of Technicolor and its sister studios, who together can provide a suite of in-house full-service production across games IP, from in-game assets to TV advertising, interactive experiences, animation, and feature-length film.

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