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Technicolor Games: Explore Our Services.

For over 107 years Technicolor has remained at the forefront of creative technology in the entertainment industry through artistry, reputation and craft. We are born of this ever-evolving creative legacy and work to inspire the world’s most creative games developers to have unlimited ideas. With our rich history in mind Technicolor Games is unlike any other studio offering full-service production across a single IP from in-game to Film, TV, Advertising, and Animation







WEB 3.0


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Animation has been at the very core of our studio since its inception. We are experts at keyframe animation, bringing our expertise to some of the most complex mocap-based project briefs in the industry.

Our talented animators breathe life into some of the most well-known games in the world. When we are briefed on a new project, we ensure to crew it with the most relevant and suited animators.

From photo-real stylized characters, we push the boundaries of animation creating immersive experiences players will never forget. Working on major games or mobile titles, our Key Framers have crafted multiple award-winning games.


Our teams of talented concept artists have partnered with some of the best development studios in the world. Technicolor Games recognize the importance and responsibility of externally upscaling development teams.  We are often called upon to seamlessly expand studio teams during the course projects, contributing to the success of some of the best games in the world.

Our Art Directors oversee all our games projects from concept to in-engine execution.  We engage early in the game design process with prototyping, previz and early gameviz explorations as UI and UX design.

From cartoon to hyper-realistic, fantasy, sci-fi and stylized, we cover the broadest range of styles.

Color is a huge part of Technicolor Games DNA, we pride ourselves on color design, color scripts lighting keys for games and Web 3.0 projects.


Our asset group is an industry-leading powerhouse of passionate and skilled environment, Hard Surface, Organic, and Character Artists. We remain resolutely pipeline agnostic, seamlessly dropping into our partner’s pipelines and toolsets. At any time, we could be working in Unreal, Unity, and several propriety engines, taking assets through the pipe from concept to level completion.

Our skilled and substance trained surfacing artists create next-generation physically based rendering assets for top industry clients. Our team includes many highly talented sculptors, producing characters, and creatures, as well as working on blend-shapes and photo-real heads. Over the years Technicolor Games has developed deep expertise in the fields of scanning and photogrammetry enhancing the immersive experience of some of the best games in the world.

Our Lighters are experts with Unreal and Unity, working with our client’s most complex proprietary engines. Our VFX team cover all aspects of real-time FX, from pyrotechnics to simulations, destructibles and procedural environment modelling, mastering the most complex real-time Houdini challenges.


We offer mocap solutions at our Technicolor Games capture studios and across our Technicolor Creative Studio locations worldwide, from pre-production to final data integration.

Our motion capture animation team have worked on a vast array of projects from highly complex in-game animations, high-end cinematic content, Faceware and Dynamixyz retargeting, and everything in between.

We supply experienced shoot supervision, direction and data management, alongside our full portfolio of animation post services.

Working with Motion builder, Maya (and Max) our team combines unrivalled experience and expertise to execute all mocap-based production briefs.


From bite-sized in-level support to full game design and isolated system design tasks, we can scale up to your needs.

From scripted events to complex battles, and level design our highly skilled team collaborate with our partners.

We are engine agnostic and offer support integrated pipelines for multiple game engines. We currently work with four propriety AAA engines as well as Unreal 5 and Unity.

Our robust technical art team, partners with our clients to ensure tools and processes are in sync, and our artists and designers are able to work effectively. We provide game tools development as R&D and programming services.


Development Testing

We can embed our staff directly into your development team to ensure each task’s definition of complete is met by testing code before it’s merged, preventing bugs at the source.


Exploratory testing, regressions, destructive tests, everything that supports your custom built comprehensive test suite where we author, execute, log, and report on each build, resulting in a bug burndown chart that enables you to declare your milestones with confidence.


We maintain a broad inventory of PC components and mobile devices to build a custom-tailored hardware matrix for your title to test and assess aspects such as minimun and required specifications.

Quality Engineering

Our team of SDETs can assist with nightly build and test case automation, load testing, or create bespoke tools for the Dev and QA teams.

Live Ops

Our future team focuses on FQA and provides a hand-off report to our live team who certifies the build prior to patch day and monitors the community for escaped defects.

WEB 3.0

Technicolor Creative Studios is deeply involved in creating immersive entertainment, which puts us on the frontline of the metaverse and virtual reality evolution as it gathers momentum.

We are an experienced and passionate solution-based studio evolving our teams already working within the realm of Web 3.0.


With our rich history in mind, Technicolor Games is unlike any other studio, offering full-service production across a single IP from in-game to Film, TV, Advertising, and Animation.

Technicolor Games also offer game capture services and post services for gameplay, reveal and narrative trailers.

In collaboration with our sister studio MPC Paris, we provide state of the art grading stations and colorists to support, guide and enhance this aspect of the game. Working with our clients across cinematic color design, giving the edge to some of the biggest and most standout games in the world with exceptional film-like color grading is something we do best!

Our sister studio The Mill, is part of Technicolor Creative Studios and specialists in campaign ideation, creative technology and production while partnering with brands to deliver impact across all media. Our team of original thinkers, directors, designers, developers and producers share the same ambition: To create memorable experiences that excite and captivate your audiences.

When crafting hi-end trailers, in-game design or exceptional gaming advertising that draws players in we collaborate with world-class gaming companies & developers to create next-level communication for AAA games with gaming technology, VR & more.

We are trusted specialists in Visual Effects, Creative Production and Experiences. Our projects include the creation of digital products, virtual and physical experiences as well as world-class visual effects and video production. We use our expertise in emerging technology and mastery of visual storytelling to craft extraordinary brand stories.

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