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Technicolor Creative Studios: The Home of Technicolor Games.


Technicolor Creative Studios is our home, and we’re thrilled to announce that today, it has become an independent company, trading on the Paris Euronext stock exchange.

As a Technicolor Creative Studio, we’re part of an award-winning network of global VFX and creative technology studios, MPC, The Mill and Mikros Animation.

Founded in 1915, Technicolor led the film industry with the world’s first exploration of full color and sound Motion pictures, developing a series of innovative color film processes in the early 20th century. The creative technology brand later acquired leading VFX studios MPC, The Mill and Mikros Animation in addition to establishing Technicolor Games. Our four studios now operate collaboratively under our new brand name, Technicolor Creative Studios. We’ll be offering the same unparalleled full-service production across a game IP, with renewed agility and investment to expand our footprint in the gaming market.

Here at Technicolor Creative Studios, we have a rich legacy of innovation in the entertainment and advertising industries. You may be familiar with some of our most iconic projects at Technicolor Games such as work for Assassins Creed, Call of Duty, FIFA and NBA 2K.

Our film division is credited with Academy Award Winning features, Gladiator, 1917, The Jungle Book and Life of Pi, as well as recent blockbusters Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Nope and Disney’s new live-action iteration of Pinocchio. Our animation has developed some of the world’s most recognizable animation IP including SpongeBob SquarePants and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. And our advertising and brand experience studio, has earned over 500 awards & accolades across its 30-year history in brand marketing, consistently producing work for the world’s most notable brands from iconic Super Bowl commercials to globally renowned campaigns.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be taking you on a journey here at Technicolor Games through the incredible projects we’ve worked on, the teams making it happen and the ambition and legacy behind us at Technicolor Creative studios – we can’t wait to show you just what is possible.

Each of our four studios will be powered by shared technologies, creative talent, R&D, and investment in future platforms. Technicolor Creative Studios has the power to provide our partners with solutions across their full IP journey, from film development to in-game assets and marketing materials. We work to inspire the world’s most creative games developers to have unlimited ideas and to consistently deliver the best creative output.   

There has never been a more exciting time for the games industry, and the Technicolor Creative Studios spin-off allows us to invest even more in growing the Technicolor Games footprint, talent roster and suite of service lines. There is a growing client demand for content that blurs the lines between gaming, entertainment and marketing that we are perfectly placed to deliver and collaborate on alongside The Mill, MPC, and Mikros Animation. As part of this network of creative studios, we will provide a suite of in-house full-service production across games IP, from in-game assets to feature-length film. There is no other brand that can deliver content of the scale, breadth and artistry that the historic Technicolor brand name is synonymous with.

Jeaneane Falkler, President of Technicolor Games  

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