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Technicolor Creative Studios Solidifies its Footprint in the Video Games Market.


Technicolor Games newly appointed President and games industry veteran Jeaneane Falkler assembles accomplished leadership team and establishes several new business lines

LONDON- MAY 24th, 2022– Technicolor Creative Studios, leaders in the digital entertainment space have announced the expansion of their Games business, Technicolor Games with investment in talent, technology and several new service lines accelerating the growth of the global studio in one of the world’s most exciting and dynamic industries.

Technicolor Games has hired several key executives to lead the division, including Jeaneane Falkler, previously of Keywords, International Game Technology and Microsoft as President. Falkler, a prolific leader in the games industry brings a wealth of insight and experience in building and retaining passionate and high-performing teams focused on increasing revenue and market share.

Technicolor Games joins Technicolor Creative Studio brands, MPC, The Mill and Mikros Animation, in developing top-tier visual graphics in addition to multiple other creative services to video games publishers and developers. Technicolor Games will offer an unparalleled service to the games industry at scale, backed by the innovative legacy of Technicolor and its sister studios, who together can provide a suite of in-house full-service production across games IP, from in-game assets to TV advertising, interactive experiences, animation and feature length film.

The studio has also announced a recruitment drive globally to power its new suite of service lines, which include:

  • Art Pre-Production
  • Asset Creation / Lighting-VFX Animation
  • Capture
  • Co-Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Web 3.0 
  • Marketing Services

Technicolor Games has long-standing, active and collaborative relationships with leading games developers and publishers including Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, TakeTwo and Activision

President, Jeaneane Falkler comments, “Being part of the rich innovative legacy and creative network of Technicolor Creative Studios means Technicolor Games is uniquely placed to provide a suite of services that no other game asset provider can. We have an ambition to apply our decades of experience across the games industry, to push the boundaries of what is possible in gaming both visually, and technologically, making big ideas a reality for our creative partners.”

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Asset Creation / Lighting-VFX: A group of skilled Hard Surface, Organic, and Character Artists working across all game engines that develop Level Art, Characters, Props & Environments, Hard Surface & Organic Modelling, Real-Time Lighting (Unreal / Unity / Custom), Real-Time Houdini VFX, Complex Simulations & Procedural Modelling

Animation: From photo-real to stylized visuals, this team works on both major games and mobile titles, offering Keyframe Animation, Hybrid Animation, Facial Animation, Procedural, Rigging, Mocap/Pcap workflows (Including Faceware & Dynamyxz), Previs and Cinematic Layout

Capture: Working with Motion builder, Maya (and Max) this team combines unrivalled experience and expertise to execute all mocap-based production briefs including Mocap preproduction / Previs / On Set Supervision, Virtual Cinematography, Data Management / Retargetting / Clean-up & Motion Edit, Full Cinematics / Scene Assembly & In Engine Integration, Editorial, On booth HMC Capture for Dialogue, Full Body / Face and Props Scanning

Co-Development: From bite-sized in-level support to full game design and isolated system design tasks, this team is engine agnostic and offers game tools development as R&D and programming services to multiple engines. Their suite of capabilities include Game Design, Level & Systems Design, Game Engine Development, Integrated Pipelines, Tools Development, and TA & TD Services

Quality Assurance: Embedding directly into a client’s development team, this team offers development testing, functionality, compatibility quality engineering and live ops solutions.

Web 3.0 (Metaverse Assets): The games team and accompanying sister brands are working across the breadth of the Metaverse, developing assets, characters, animation and world building in addition to trailers, marketing, consulting and NFTs.

Marketing Services: Technicolor Games offers game capture services and post services for gameplay, reveal and narrative trailers in addition to color finishing and grading service for real time games projects.


We are Technicolor Games – a global network of artists & creative technologists with decades of experience across the games industry. We push the boundaries of the imagination to make big ideas a reality, by applying the best VFX, animation and interactive technologies

We collaborate with leading games developers to build the most innovative gaming experiences imaginable. Our studios are the second home of the projects we work on. We push the potential of gaming technology harder than anyone else dare dream.

Our Keyframers breathe life into award-winning projects and our Art Directors empower studios from concept to execution. Our Mo-Cap team delivers highly complex in-game animations and cinematic content second to none.

We stay ahead of the curve, we innovate, we invest in and nurture our talent to create the best games in the world.

At Technicolor Games, we believe science & technology is nothing without limitless imagination.


Technicolor Creative Studios is a creative technology company driven by one purpose: The realization of ambitious and extraordinary ideas. We inspire creative companies across the world to produce their most iconic work. Our award-winning teams of artists and technologists’ partner with the creative community across film, television, animation, gaming, brand experience and advertising to bring the universal art of storytelling to audiences everywhere.

No idea is too ambitious for us to create to an incredibly high standard. Technicolor Creative Studios provides World Class production expertise in Film, Episodic, Gaming, Advertising and Experiential Marketing.

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