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Story Mode: Sangram Pandurang Yevale, Art Director.

We’re spotlighting the leaders who are instrumental in fostering the development of our talented and creative teams, ensuring we stay ahead with the most cutting-edge arts services, crucial for creating the world’s best games.

Meet Sangram Pandurang Yevale

  • Title: Art Director 
  • Department: Environment, Lighting & FX 
  • Length of career in the industry: 19+ years 
  • Duration of employment with Technicolor Games: 12+ years 
  • Favourite Game worked on: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Career biography

Sangram has been an Art Director and Head of Department at Technicolor Games since 2015. His career journey has taken on many paths into the Gaming industry, but it all began after completing his Diploma in Animation.

Sangram’s first professional role was at Paprikaas Animation Studio in 2005, where he was hired as a Junior Modeller in the gaming department. Early in his career, he seized numerous opportunities and gathered extensive experience working on a variety of intriguing projects, collaborating with departments such as Lighting, FX and Texturing. 

Recognized as a fast learner and a good team player, Sangram’s big break came when his management team gave him the role of Lead Artist for the TV show, “Back at the Barnyard”. 

Then in 2009, his role transitioned again and Sangram was now contributing to projects across multiple mediums in TV, DVD and games. Noteworthy achievements at this time include working with major game studios like EA Sports, participating in titles such as FIFA, NHL and NCAA. His role often involved collaborating closely with the EA Tech team to set up pipelines and resolve any issues during the kick-off stages. 

Sangram’s next career milestone was working with the Intellectual Property (IP) Team, where he collaborated directly with the Art Director on creatively challenging projects, including the project, Deep, in 2013. 

It was in 2015, Sangram became Asset Supervisor, working on multiple tests and notable games such as Assassin’s Creed. Since then, he has continued his journey in the Gaming industry and is currently serving as Art Director for the Environment, Lighting, and FX team. 

Beyond Technicolor Games

Outside of his professional life, Sangram is a passionate photographer and has created several travel documentaries from his trips around the country. 

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