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In the Spotlight May 2022: Selvam Venkatesan.

Name: Selvam Venkatesan 

Title: Head of Animation 

Department: Animation 

In the industry: 17 Years 

With Technicolor Games: 14 Years 

First Game worked on: God of War 2 (2007) 

Technicolor has been the first and only company I have worked for – it is a big part of my life and has given me everything I have achieved and experienced. The root goes so deep that all of my growth within the industry has been achieved through the opportunities provided by Technicolor.

Selvam began his career as an Animator at Paprikaas Animation Studios in 2004, soon after an opportunity arose to work on God of War 2 and Selvam found himself gravitating towards Games – the rest as they say is history.  

Selvam continued working as an Animator creating gameplay animations and in-game cinematics for Technicolor Games for several more years. Selvam’s hard work, talent and dedication to the titles he worked on led him to become Animation Supervisor overseeing the studios animation for the past decade. During his time at Technicolor Games Selvam has worked on AAA titles for EA, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Crystal Dynamics, IO Interactive, Capcom, Ubisoft, Warner Brothers and many other publishing giants.

Selvam believes his biggest accomplishment has been his contribution to the ever-evolving growth of the Games Animation Team overseeing many successful technical tests within the studio and nurturing close working relationships with Technicolor Games’ clients. Selvam believes that by abiding to the philosophy of learning from mistakes and never resting on success has truly allowed him to achieve everything he has so far in his career.

In Selvam’s spare time he loves to play Table Tennis and Badminton. Selvam’s favorite game character is Nathan Drake of the Uncharted franchise because of his strong personality, approachable demeanour and desire to never stop learning.

Selvam’s true passion in his animation work is the study of the motion and body dynamics of animals and creatures, his work is a true testament to the hours he has put in researching and developing his technical skills in this area.

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