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In the Spotlight May 2022: Chithra Stanley.

May 2, 2022

Name: Chithra Stanley 

Title: Asset Supervisor 

Department: Assets 

In the Industry : 15+ years 

With Technicolor Games: 7+ years 

First Game worked on: NHL 14 

Technicolor Games is the place where I can bring my imagination into the virtual world.

Throughout my carear, I have always tried to ensure that my passion and enthusiasm for my work have shown through. Despite my success as an independent artist, I have found that it is through a team that I have achieved my greatest potential.

I am a traditional artist who loves to create oil and acrylic paintings. Because of my love of colors, I am more into surfacing. In all my work I have relished the challenges and used them to fuel my ambition and maintain the quality of work. 

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