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In the Spotlight May 2022: Anand Kumawat.

Name: Anand Kumawat 

Title: Supervisor – Concept Art 

Department: Concept Art 

In the industry: 15 years 

With Technicolor Games: 15 years  

First Game worked on: Starlink: Battle For Atlas 

Confucius once said, “Choose a career you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” As an artist, I find it incredibly relatable. I love what I do, especially because I get to work with some of the most talented people on some of the most visually stunning games. 

Anand is currently working for Technicolor Games as a Concept Art Supervisor. In 2007 Anand began his career as a lighting and compositing artist. Initially working as a matte painter for several animated TV shows this allowed Anand to combine his work with his personal passion, painting.

Anand has created colour keys for several shows, this was one of many highlights for Anand as he enjoys the variation of responsibilities and disciplines he is exposed to in the industry.

Anand joined the Technicolor Games Team as a Concept Artist in 2016 and has worked on a number of AAA titles developing his skills and becoming truly absorbed into the world of games. Anand is now Supervisor of Concept Art and collaborates with Art Directors and Technicolor Games clients on a portfolio of games and projects on a day to day basis. Anand enjoys the constant and evolving process of technical testing with his incredibly creative team of concept artists, always learning as they go with every day bringing forward new challenges and experiences.

Aside from work, Anand enjoys drawing, playing video games (of course), going on road trips with his family, photography, and brewing different types of coffee from around the world!

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