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NBA 2K22 Pushes the Limits with Technicolor Games Once Again.

October 22, 2021

NBA 2K22 pushes the limits on game action with the most authentic basketball experience to date. Visual Concepts once again teamed with Technicolor Games after a successful collaboration on last year’s instalment. This time out brought even more exciting challenges, as Technicolor Games worked closely with the 2K team on both animation and assets.

With Dynamixyz’ Performer Multi-View 3D face tracking newly incorporated into its pipeline, Technicolor Games delivered ultra-high quality facial animation, second to none in terms of realism. The technology enables pushing the limits of facial analysis to capture the minutest details in P-Cap facial. The team also delivered high-quality MoCap body work for Cinematic Cut scenes and in-game animations.

Technical and artistic requirements were met by a team of 30 Facial Animators and 30 MoCap Animators, along with multiple Leads and Technicolor Games Supervisor Prithi Amarnath ensuring the best results for the game’s elaborate sequences and iconic characters. The scope of work completed in animation totaled: for Face, 3.47 million frames (965 minutes); and for Body, 8.40 million frames (2,333 minutes).

For asset creation, the team worked on multiple new tasks and upgraded workflows, including a modular process for creating buildings in the city. The team perfected their technique creating high-quality assets such as stanchions, which required detailed sculpting of wrinkles on the leather and other important details for closeup shots In-game and in trailers.

Total scope completed: 645 assets, included building court floors and creating go-karts for “my career.”

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