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International Animation Day: With Art Director, Vichar BN.

Animation has been at the very core of our studio since its inception. From photo-real stylized characters to cartoon creatures, we push the boundaries of animation creating immersive experiences players will never forget.

Animated content is consumed every day by millions of people around the world, and in most instances, the content holds the viewers complete undivided attention of which to learn from and impart knowledge.

Our Art Director, Vichar BN has chosen to spotlight the importance of animation within education on this International Animation Day. Vichar has been with Technicolor Games for over 17 years and was recently awarded the prestigious Srujana Icon Award for his contribution to digital art and education. As a member of the Academic Council of Chitrakala Parishath and an NEP Community Member at Hampi University, Vichar helps shape the curriculum for many aspiring digital artists and animators and is deeply rooted in education.

Over to you Vichar…

For me, it is of the utmost importance to talk about animation and education together. Yet animation, as a medium of education, can often be overlooked for how important and impactful it can be on those consuming it.

We see nowadays that animation studios have pushed the reinvention of narrative design to be more inclusive and to better represent today’s society. We see technology reaching unbelievable new levels, VR games and lifestyle simulations are just an example of that. These technological changes provide new mediums from which people will place their attention and learn.

When art is produced, a viewer consciously indulges in the enriching visuals, but subconsciously they participate in their own learning process. They take on board what is being shown to them as the images have their full, undivided attention. Imagine one always paying that much attention and interest to a teacher when sitting in a classroom, the individual would not forget a thing. But when one contrasts the attention provided in a classroom or in an e-learning scenario compared to the interest and option of picking an animated piece of content to consume, the attention levels can be vastly different.

An engrossing story, along with engaging visuals, can expose viewers to topics such as cultures and time periods. This goes a long way in building tolerance and embracing differences yet focusing on similarities and familiarty.

Games, movies and TV series not only impart knowledge to their viewers yet go beyond that and can help build morality in an individual as well. They can place the learners directly into an entirely different world with virtual reality. People can get a glimpse of otherwise unimaginable concepts through animated videos with the use of colors, shapes, and pictures that appeal to the learner’s imagination. Consequently, as they come across the possibilities of visual animation, they also learn to create abstract images in their minds and develop vivid imaginative abilities.

In summary, animation is an exercise in rejuvenation, it can divert the mind from monotony, and the perils of a daily schedule. It holds with it a myriad of benefits, whether that is actively watching or playing something for the learning elements or simply enjoying the entertainment factor in a piece of animated content. It need not be seen as just entertainment, but a combination of entertainment and learning. 

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