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In the Spotlight September 2023: Chethan Kumar.

Name: Chethan Kumar

Title: Principle Artist

Department: Games

Length of career in the industry: 8+ years

With Technicolor Games: 7 years

First Game worked on: NHL

Let your work do the talking.


Since childhood I have always been interested in drawing and painting, so much so that after finishing my post-graduate degree I took a diploma in 3D Animation. From here my career as a Texturing Artist took off and I joined Technicolor Games in 2016 as a 3D Artist.

Since then, I have been lucky enough to work in a great team and have the opportunity to improve my skillset in modelling and sculpting. I have also enjoyed working to the best of my ability on some incredible AAA games.

What is your most memorable moment/project working at Technicolor Games? 

My most memorable project has to be working on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, I learnt a lot from this experience and gained a lot of recognition from my peers.

What is it like working at Technicolor Games?

Above all else, Technicolor Games is a nice place to work with a friendly environment. It gives you the freedom to explore creatively while balancing your personal life – the opportunities here are endless!

What are you excited about for the future?

Gaming is currently one of the fastest growing industries, and as a result it is creating a vast amount of opportunity for people to get into the creative field. For me personally, I would like to learn and grow with the industry and utilize my skills to overcome new challenges.

What advice could you give to someone wanting to join the industry?

Joining the Gaming industry is a great career option, and joining Technicolor Games is even better!

If you are interested in working at Technicolor Games we’d love to hear from you – please check out our current vacancies. 

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