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In the Spotlight September 2022: Dinendra Mohanty .

Name: Dinendra Mohanty 

Title: Senior Asset Supervisor 

Department: Games 

In the industry: 16+ Years 

With Technicolor Games: 14 years 

First Game worked on: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer 2007 (PS3) 

In my 14 years with Technicolor Games I have worked with some great teams of artists and leaders, we constantly exchange knowledge and together learn a host of work styles. Technicolor Games has facilitated my personal and professional development, it’s exciting to witness our expansion  

Dinendra Mohanty is a Senior Asset Supervisor at Technicolor Games. Hailing from a farming family from Odisha, Dinendra was given full freedom by his mother to develop his keen interest in art against all odds. After graduating he worked as a freelancer which involved wall paintings, signboard making and calligraphy. Moving to Hyderabad in 2005, was when Dinendra pursued his Diploma in Graphic Design and then began the next chapter in his career.

Dinendra believes if you are lucky enough to get into the industry you are aiming for it’s a truly great start to your career. Dinendra enjoys gaining experience with each day that passes and contributes this to always being surrounded by great artists. In his spare time Dinendra loves to draw and sketch, working on digital paintings, portrait photography, cooking, and playing FPS’s.  

How did your career begin? 

It was the time when the games industry was booming and I was fortunate enough to get a role as an on-job trainee in 2006. I was involved lot’s of painting work, choosing texturing as my specialization and here I learned the basics of gaming.

What is your most memorable moment /project working at Technicolor Games? 

In terms of my career growth, 2015 stands out as a memorable phase in my career. I had my first opportunity to lead the character team building strong relationships with our partners and traveling around the world maintaining these – I really do get the chance to work with some of the best in industry.

What is it like working at Technicolor Games? 

I joined Technicolor Games as a Texturing Artist in 2008. I had the opportunity to work on “Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning for EA Mythic” and I have since worked on many more EA titles including FIFA, UFC, NCAA, NBA, EASW, NHL, NFL, SPORE, PGA, STAR WARS and many others from some of our incredible partners around the world, having such a variety of projects has helped me reach where I am today in my career.

What are you excited about for the future? 

As the games industry continues to evolve we see so much new technology and software introduced which creates opportunities to learn more. The exciting part is we must quickly adapt to the changes and make sure that the transitions are smooth. The Technicolor Games team will achieve great heights of success in the coming years. I’m looking forward to collaborating with some new clients and many more exciting projects.    

What advice could you give to someone wanting to join the industry? 

Develop the right skills and knowledge before jumping into something in a hurry. This industry has a lot to offer creatively. Keep developing and wait for your opportunity to prove yourself. Embrace struggles and learn to grow from them. 

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