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In the Spotlight March 2024: Chithra Stanley M.

Name: Chithra Stanley M

Title: Senior Lead Artist, Asset Supervisor

Department: Assets

Length of career in the industry: 10+ years

Role overview:

As an Asset Supervisor at Technicolor Games, I oversee the entire asset creation process with particular focus on making sure that every asset we create is of the highest quality. This means that I carefully check both the technical and creative parts before we finish. I am also in charge of the test projects and creating pipelines for these.

Beyond this, being a teacher and mentor is a crucial part of my role; I support the artists in producing their best work and making sure they understand what we need.

How did your career begin?

I began as a Junior Texturing Artist, where my role primarily revolved around creating textures for characters and objects in TV. I was driven by a passion for artistry and a deep fascination with virtual worlds. Over the years, I dedicated time to honing my skills, gaining proficiency in texturing techniques, and collaborating with multidisciplinary teams to bring digital visions to life.

As I have continued to grow professionally, I advanced to the position of a Principal Artist, where I took on more significant responsibilities, including overseeing the artistic direction of projects, managing teams and ensuring the highest level of visual quality. This role marked a pivotal moment in my career, emphasizing not only artistic expertise but also leadership and project management capabilities.

Today, as a 3D Asset Supervisor I oversee the entire asset creation process, leading a team of artists, setting standards, and guiding projects from conception to completion.

What made you want to pursue a career in the Games industry? 

What made me want to work in the Games industry was the chance to be part of creating fun and exciting virtual worlds that people can explore and enjoy. I’ve always loved playing games myself and wanted to be involved in making them. The idea of bringing characters, stories and whole worlds to life through games excited me, so I decided to pursue a career in this field.

What do you think about the representation of women in the Games industry?

As a woman in the Gaming industry, I believe it’s very important to have a good female representation. Right now, there are more men than women in the industry, but things are changing slowly. It’s good to see more efforts being made to include women in all roles in the industry. Women bring different perspectives, experiences and ideas to the table, which can lead to the development of more diversity that appeals to a broader audience. By having a more balanced gender representation, we can cultivate a culture where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of their gender.

What advice could you give to someone wanting to join the industry? 

My advice is to start by doing what you love. Whether it’s designing characters, coding games or writing stories, find what excites you the most. Then, focus on learning and practicing those skills as much as you can; take courses, watch tutorials and work on projects to build up your experience. Networking is also important, so try to meet people in the industry and learn from them. And remember, it’s okay to start small and work your way up. The gaming industry can be competitive, but if you’re passionate and persistent, you can make it happen.

What has been your most memorable/favourite moment working at Technicolor Games?

My greatest moments working at Technicolor Games are when we get to see our names in the credits for the games we’ve worked on after months of hard work. It is always such a rewarding feeling to see people playing and enjoying something that our team has put together. All the long hours and challenges we face during development suddenly feels worth it. These times remind me why I love working in the Gaming industry and inspire me to keep striving for more memorable moments like these in the future.

Take a look at some of Chithra’s personal artwork here:

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