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In the Spotlight June 2022: Vichar BN.

Name: Vichar BN 

Title: Art Director 

Department: Art 

In the industry: 20 years 

With Technicolor Games: 16 years 

First Game worked on: FIFA (2006) 

As Michelangelo said, every block of stone has a statue inside and it’s a sculptor’s task to discover it. Well, I am a person obsessed with the form and shape of things, on an ever-ongoing road to discovery

Having realized his passion for art from an early age Vichar studied the discipline throughout his education receiving his Masters in sculpting from the Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts. Vichar soon began his career as a traditional sculptor, it was during this time Vichar had the privilege to work as a personal sculptor for the King of Mysuru, an undeniable highlight of his career.

The craving to learn new things soon sparked Vichar’s fascination in computer generated art. The idea of bringing sculptures to life using technology was always incredibly alluring for Vichar, and soon provided him with endless opportunities to push and develop his passion for sculpture into a new world.
Vichar joined the animation industry over 17 years ago and now works as an Art Director for Technicolor Games. Over the years Vichar’s career has seen him work across art in various disciplines and roles including Assistant Art Director for Television Serials, freelancing as an Illustrator across various print publications, an Interior and Exterior Designer, and an Archaeology Conservation Artist.

Vichar feels incredibly lucky to have worked on and within such a wide array of projects, with his passion always to learn more about art and its forms.  

Apart from his work, Vichar enjoys watching movies, playing sports, travelling, and eating sweets. 

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