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In the Spotlight June 2022: Praveen Madhyastha.

Name: Praveen Madhyastha 

Title: Senior Supervisor Animation 

Department: Animation

In the Industry: 16 years 

With Technicolor Games: 14 years  

First Game worked on: Blitz II  

Technicolor has provided me with incredible opportunities to explore my passion; animation! From a vast array of styles to the evolution of our tools and exploration of pipelines. I strongly believe that Technicolor Games has been a vital part of my professional development”

Praveen is a Senior Supervisor in the Animation Team at Technicolor Games, starting his journey with Technicolor in 2007 as an Animator Praveen has been with Technicolor Games for over 14 years.

Praveen has seen many changes across the animation industry during his career and believes the opportunities he has had with Technicolor Games have allowed him to always stay ahead of the curve and to continue to develop as an artist while surrounded by unparalleled talent.

Praveen’s career with Technicolor Games has given him exposure to all areas of the discipline such as cinematics, gameplay and combat, creating endless creative challenges, a very rewarding part of the role.

Praveen’s passion for games and animation has seen him work across a wide range of multi-platform AAA titles as well as smaller but equally exciting AR and VR releases. With Praveen’s seasoned industry experience he has proven to be a great source of support within his team of animators, this is something he feels is pivotal to his role in developing and inspiring future talent at Technicolor Games.

Praveen is an artist both professionally and in his personal time. As an animator Praveen finds himself constantly on the lookout for new styles and trends within animation, always learning and ready to share his insights with the team at Technicolor Games.

Praveen is a keen gamer and enjoys adventure games such as the Uncharted and Tomb Raider franchises. 

 “Praveen has been a backbone in the growth of the Animation Team, his dedication in mentoring and supporting our new artists is second to none and for that we are so grateful. Praveen is a talented artist who is willing to go above and beyond, he is consistent source of inspiration for his team and in this industry, defines a true leader

Selvam Venkatesan, Head of Animation

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