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In the Spotlight May 2023: Mallikarjunrao .

Name: Mallikarjunrao

Title: Lead Animator

Department: Games Animation

In the industry: 10 Years

With Technicolor Games: 5+ years

First Game worked on: Starlink: Battle for Atlas

It has been a great experience working at Technicolor Games so far, there is lots of opportunity to learn and grow.

How did your career begin?

I began as an Animator at Symbiosys technologies in 2008 with a strong interest in the nuances of Animation. Early in my career, I worked on variety of TV series around the globe and several cartoon semi-realistic and realistic projects. During this time I came to know about Gaming Animation and wanted to explore this career path. I had a wonderful group of people who helped and guided me up until this point.

In 2017, I fulfilled my dreams and finally joined Technicolor Games. Here, I became part of the gaming pipeline and had exposure to different styles of Animation and technical involvement. I have learnt lots and received excellent support from the entire Games team during my shift to Game Animator.  

What is your most memorable moment /project working at Technicolor Games? 

Starlink: Battle for Atlas – my first ever project at Technicolor Games. The entire experience and everything I learned from it has made this the most memorable project for me.

What is it like working at Technicolor Games?

Technicolor Games is a hub of talent with a great work environment, and obviously this is reflected in the groundbreaking projects we produce. It’s great to be part of this organization. 

What do you think you can achieve in the future?

I have worked in many companies before Technicolor Games, on various projects and all with different styles of animation. This has therefore helped me to learn and gain a good knowledge to add to my skill set. 

I have a strong interest in understanding new tools and methods used in the Video Game industry. I enjoy taking lengthy journeys and am passionate about driving forward. 

What advice could you give to someone wanting to join the industry? 

Believe in your abilities and skills. It will guide you to be the best in your field. 

A final word from Mallikarjunrao’s Manager: 

Mallikarjunrao is a dedicated, smart and talented artist. He is a gracious team player and his passion towards Animation makes a positive impact on his teammates. His wide range of knowledge and experience on different styles of animation really helps his team to achieve their goals. We wish him all the best to go above and beyond. 

Praveen Madhyastha K: Senior Animation Supervisor

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