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In Discussion: Our Longstanding Partners & Clients.

We recently caught up with two seasoned members of the Technicolor Games team, Devendra Kumar, Head of Production and Vichar BN, Art Director whom we are grateful to have with us not only leading our studio but also supporting our global expansion. We talked past, present and future focusing on our longstanding industry partnerships.

Devendra and Vichar have each been with us for over a decade and continue to represent the beating heart of the Technicolor Games studio, passionate, talented, and dedicated; traits we look for in each and every one of our incredible artists working across our projects.

An integral part of everyone’s role at Technicolor Games is working alongside, and often in collaboration with our partners and clients. It’s a testament to the team’s unwavering commitment over many years; nurturing and developing these relationships resulting in longstanding partners we work with year in and year out.

Q. Tell us about one of your earliest memories of joining Technicolor Games?

Devendra: My first memory at Technicolor Games was a project ‘kick-off’ visit in 2015. Our clients visited us back-to-back throughout the project for two months. It was fantastic to get to know them in person, define project goals and support and solve technical challenges for them. It’s an experience that I often think of, especially as the industry has changed so much in the last decade and how we have pivoted to ensure communication can (and sometimes must) be just as valuable without a face-to-face.

Vichar: I remember my first day like it was yesterday. I felt as though I was stepping into a temple of creativity. I had never seen such a huge congregation of artists in the same area code, let alone the same floor. I was in complete awe. I have never forgotten that feeling – I hope to always offer that awe-inspiring moment to every new starter at Technicolor Games.

Q. How have your relationships with partners and clients evolved and changed?

Devendra: Our relationships with clients have always been evolving, our longstanding partners are a part of who we are and that’s also how we treat our new clients and projects too. We welcome clients as part of Technicolor Games, to be as involved and engaged with the journey as they want and need to be.

We listen, we discuss, we share ideas, and we mould wonderful plans. We cement trust and confidence across all teams involved – and that should always result in a successful partnership. As our relationships and processes evolve this often leads to many more incredible discussions which always pave the way to great results.

Vichar: It goes without saying that we have always solidified trust by consistently raising the bar of the quality of work we produce. But what has really evolved is the understanding. We adapt to each other’s culture and chosen ways of communication. Comfort and confidence are key in my opinion.

Q. Do you have some memorable moments working with partners?

Devendra: As we continue to work with clients year-on-year every aspect of that relationship becomes ‘memorable’. Our longstanding partnerships are based on success and positivity so the fact we hold so many longstanding relationships has been rewarding and quite overwhelming. Building relationships is an incredible part of our roles here, not just for me, but my whole team cherishes these memories.

Vichar: One such time for me is when we had some fantastic clients from Quebec. At the start of each of our connects, we would spend 15 minutes learning some French (they taught us), and then we would teach some Hindi. This “cultural exchange” led to some really fun and interesting interactions. It became a small ritual for us in the end. It’s always about the games for us at Technicolor Games, but the people we meet and the relationships we make sprinkle the magic!

Q. What is it like when you start working with a new partner?

Devendra: It’s always exciting to work with new clients. The opportunities that we are trusted with enhance the curiosity we all have to learn new things. It often feels to me as though we are invited to dive into an unexplored sea, what could be more incredible than that? It is remarkable for all of us.

Vichar: So we often get a brief prior to meeting with the clients, this itself makes me eager and curious. There is always the thrill of our first meeting, wanting to understand the project, align with the vision, support, solve and enhance wherever we can. All in all, syncing wavelengths and bouncing ideas to take a project to the next level is a wonderful reward.

Q. Have you ever thought about what it would be like working ‘on the other side’?

Devendra: At Technicolor Games we endeavour to understand our client’s perspectives and most importantly their expectations. Suiting our talent and capabilities around delivery with the client’s expectation in mind works for a perfect equation and I am passionate about being on ‘this side’.

Vichar: I have dabbled with this idea, it’s a must in my role… “how would I feel in their shoes?” is a question I must always ask. I only think this way to become better at doing what we do. Putting myself in the client’s shoes has enabled me to be able to think from their perspective, understand their brief and support and communicate the way they need.

Q. How do you stay inspired and creative professionally?

Devendra: I am always looking for opportunities to learn and upgrade my knowledge. The belief that learning never stops has always been rooted in me. Today has the scope of improvement from yesterday and often, making mistakes is just another way of learning. In the process, today can always be more adventurous and victorious than yesterday. Inspiration arises from the will to do better and better every single day!

Vichar: I personally believe there is art in everything. And it is the artist in me that needs to identify this.

But from my days as a budding artist to today, where I think I am slightly more seasoned. My inspiration and influence have been the magnificent and glorious Indian temple art and great masters. I believe one lifetime is not enough to truly comprehend the grandeur of the artwork ancient India created. And yes, while this does inspire and influence my artwork, it also humbles me as a human and makes me more modest.

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