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GDC 2018: 5 Things I’m Excited About.

As Vice President, Creative for Technicolor’s Animation and Games group, Owen Hurley is constantly traveling to industry events and meeting with current and prospective clients.

From game designers and programmers to artists, producers, and business professionals, GDC 2018 brings together the global game development community for exciting educational, inspirational, and networking opportunities. It’s a can’t miss experience for industry leaders such as Hurley, who drives the artistic and creative development at Technicolor Digital Productions animation studio in Bangalore, India, as they bring clients’ most ambitious visions to life and expand on their original content development business.

With a career spanning 20+ years in the industry, including extensive production experience across film, games, and television animation, here are the top 5 things Hurley is looking forward to at GDC 2018:

  • 1.    Catching up with old friends.
  • 2.    Playing as many games as possible at the Indie Megabooth Showcase, but especially Shape of the World, created by an old friend from Relic, and which I backed on Kickstarter.
  • 3.    This panel“An unbelievably miserable lecture in which an extremely strange director, YOKO TARO, and an idiotic game designer, Takahisa Taura, will try to talk about the development of NieR:Automata, using their near-dead brains. It seems that they are thinking about taking a look back on the development of NieR:Automata, and how they came together to create one of the most perverse experiences in video game history.”
  • 4.    Hearing from the great people from Baobab on what they’ve learned balancing storytelling and gameplay in VR.
  • 5.    The relaxed tranquility of the W lobby.

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