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GAME ON: The New e-zine from Technicolor Games.

August 1, 2022


We’ve just launched our e-zine, GAME ON. We’d love you to join our global community; we’ll deliver industry insights, Technicolor Games updates, spotlights on our talented artists and teams across Technicolor Games, guest contributor features, overviews of our open roles and sooo much more, straight to your inbox!

We are a global network of artists & creative technologists with decades of experience across the games and interactive industries. We push the boundaries of the imagination to make big ideas a reality, by applying the best VFX, animation and games technologies​.

We collaborate with leading games developers to build the most innovative gaming experiences imaginable. Our studios are the second home of the projects we work on.​ ​ ​

We push the potential of gaming technology harder than anyone else dare dream. ​ We stay ahead of the curve, we innovate, we invest in and nurture our talent to create the best games in the world. 

At Technicolor Games, we believe science & technology is nothing without limitless imagination.

For over 107 years Technicolor has remained at the forefront of creative technology in the entertainment industry through artistry, reputation and craft.

We are born of this ever-evolving creative legacy and work to inspire the world’s most creative game developers to have unlimited ideas. With our rich history in mind, Technicolor Games is unlike any other studio offering full-service production across a single IP from in-game to Film, TV, Advertising, and Animation.

So who better to bring you the games industry’s most jampacked e-zine than us? GAME ON.

Bursting with a wealth of curated games content straight from Technicolor Games and Technicolor Creative Studio’s global community in and around our HQ’s!

GAME ON is full of news and insights not only from us but also special guests from our global partners, talented friends, artists and gamers across Technicolor Creative Studios.

We launched GAME ON in July, but our next edition will be coming soon so sign up here to receive GAME ON delivered straight to your inbox!

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