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Forecasting Our Preferred Future.

2017 is shaping up to be another mind-blowing year in gaming. Here are just a few of the trends we’re eagerly anticipating in the New Year.

VR Adoption

VR headsets are becoming widely available as the price point continues to drop. The heavy media push by Samsung for the Galaxy VR means more and more non-techie users are interested in the technology. Add to that the fact that about one third of console gamers are interested in buying Sony’s PlayStation VR, VR is the new gold standard.

The Continuing Rise of eSports

Viewership for eSports competitions continues to rise to the point that any new game built must take streaming and eSports into account. Sponsorship deals are even becoming more common for players. Sponsors tend to be gaming-related, so no one is getting a Gatorade deal yet, but as the audience grows, the possibilities are endless. ESPN even has its hands in eSports now, adding to the legitimacy.


With the success of Pokémon Go Plus there is now interest in specific gaming peripherals. This takes extra planning in development to be properly pulled off so it’s risky, but any game that capitalizes properly on a good peripheral has the chance to do well. Like, really well.

The Free-to-Play Market

Yes, this market seems so saturated with content it can be difficult for a new title to break-through, so companies need to generate long term users to be sustainable. This means more whales and less one-off players. Clever marketing and more in-game opportunities to win premiums is going to be the way for both casual and RPG titles to succeed.

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