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A Year in Games with Paul Houlders and Devendra Kumar.

As we put a wrap on 2023, we sat down with our VP, Global Head of Art, Paul Houlders and Head of Studio, India, Devendra Kumar to review the year and look ahead to 2024. Check out what they had to say, as well as their predictions on all things creative, technology, and of course, Technicolor Games!

What have been your 2023 highlights within the Games industry?

Paul: Just when we thought we knew where we were with the complexities of game development, along comes the emergence of exciting AI technology, which really has been a game changer (no pun intended). My year started fairly quietly and then almost overnight I was inundated with calls and messages from colleagues and teams inquiring about the future of the business once AI had “taken control”. Very quickly I had to comprehend the enormity of the change that lay before us.

Deva: This year, the global gaming business has expanded greatly, not only in headcount but in technological advancement and revenue. Over the years we’ve seen films being converted into games, but now we are seeing more and more games being made into films. There is greater transcendence within the entertainment industry, which is a real compliment for all those in gaming. We are now reaching wider audiences than we ever did before!

Can you choose a specific highlight for Technicolor Game specifically?

Paul: A specific highlight for Technicolor Games? Well, me joining obviously! No seriously, it was my honour to have been asked to join this well-respected company and step into a role that directly impacts the way in which art is developed at Technicolor Games, especially in our Bangalore studio. In a previous role at EA, I was fortunate enough to work with the Technicolor team in Bangalore, so have always held fond memories from my time with each of them.

Deva: In 2023, our company experienced several noteworthy highlights… beyond just Paul haha! We have contributed to 12 major releases, all of which have been very successful and crossed several genres and outputs. We’ve had great fun working on AAA, Mobile and VR based titles over the past 12 months and can’t wait for more in 2024!

What has been your favourite Technicolor Games title released this year?

Paul: Hogwarts Legacy. I wouldn’t say I am a die-hard Potter fan but I do love a bit of whimsical fantasy. I have many fond memories of reading the stories to my children, playing the original games from EA, and immersing ourselves in the movies with cups of hot chocolate and whipped cream masquerading as Butter Beer.

Avalanche have done a cracking job with this RPG, adding new dimensions to the familiar story (which Technicolor Games contributed many of the magical beasts, animals and animation sequences for), and pushing the graphical capabilities of the PS5 to create an even more immersive and compelling game. Now as we head into the colder months, when wind blows the last remaining leaves from the trees and the nights grow steadily colder and longer, there’s no better way to escape the winter months than indulging in the magic of Hogwarts Legacy and another cup of hot chocolate Butter Beer all over again.

Deva: This is a tricky question as all the games we have contributed to are close to my heart. However, if I have to pick one, it would be Atlas Fallen (although I am yet to get my hands on it). I always enjoy the strategy and role-playing games, I really like to feel the characters that I play.

Do you have any predictions for 2024 within the Games industry?   

Deva: The rise of 5G technology has opened the road for the mobile gaming sector to continue to flourish. Augmented and virtual reality technologies are getting more advanced and widely available. This will result in more immersive gaming experiences, transporting players to other worlds and providing them with more realistic gameplay.

What are you looking forward to most in 2024?

Paul: The possibilities that lie before us, as well as the growth potential of the team, both in Bangalore and elsewhere, are limitless. I’m mostly excited for the art team to grow and develop with Technicolor Games continuing to invest heavily in the business. While we see a lot of companies tightening their belts and re-aligning their resources, Technicolor Games is taking a more progressive approach and ensuring that we are well placed for all the industry has in store for 2024.

Deva: In what is a major leap forward, I am excited for further integration of metaverse aspects in gaming. This includes building interconnected virtual worlds, stimulating interactions with others, and giving players immersive experiences that go beyond one specific game. We have seen the return of live events since the epidemic, and I hope we see more of these in 2024. On the technological front, I believe AI will play a significant role in the entertainment domain, particularly in gaming.

What can we expect from Technicolor Games in 2024? 

Paul: I really want to think that 2024 will be the year that sees Technicolor Games raise its profile and become the go-to studio for all the industry’s needs. I was impressed on joining the company to learn of the team’s commitment to one another. The majority of the senior guys here have worked with each other for over 15 years, creating a lot of trust and support in skill/knowledge development. As a business, we are committed to continuously developing our talent both on a personal and a business level; we’re looking to get more involved in co-development opportunities, upskilling our already talented art team, establishing new studios, developing new teams, and adding new and well seasoned artists to our existing teams.

Deva: 2024 will undoubtedly see Technicolor Games continuing to grow. Watch out for more successful game releases and titles that highlight our capabilities, we are thrilled to carry on this exciting journey with the gaming community and our industry partners.

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